Hijacked Stadium

August 23, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

 I "see" a stadium full of people; families are here. They are apprehended and held prisoner there. They are told to stand up and turn around. They comply, some holding their children close to them. I then see something hitting their bodies...all over their bodies...they are convulsing as if they are being shot by some high powered automatic weapons. I look for blood but I see nothing. Does this mean God has spared me this horror and has saved my eyes from this pain? OR, does it mean that this event is stopped before the "damage" is actually done??

The Eiffel Threat

August 1, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of the Eiffel tower and an incredible sense of apprehension when faced with ascending it....I KNEW that there was incredible danger here. I also remember seeing these small wooden balls, they could have been the shell of a nut...but they had something to do with this perceived danger. 

Drone of Death???

June 28, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I was shown a commercial aircraft flying midair when it is intersected by a drone of some kind. The contact causes some damage to the airplane and I see evidence of this by objects falling from the craft. I do not see if there will be an actual "crash" of this vehicle....the outcome not fully seen.

Executions at Black Fence

June 8, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

Last night I find myself in a multi- storied building. I am watching through a window on an upper floor. and outside of the window I see something "written" in the stars. It is as if each star has been distorted and is showing damage; there are "streaks" to every one of them. I try to get the attention of all those around me, but no one is paying attention. As I continue to watch these "damaged" stars...I notice that their streaks almost look like the contrail of a jet plane. As this information comes to mind, I begin to see the stars morph into human shapes that are welding weapons...automatic weapons. These human forms begin to shoot their weapons into the building I am in and the surrounding areas. I begin to run and warn others of the danger...and this is when my youngest son is hit in the shoulder. At first, I assess it as only a superficial flesh wound, but then begin to fear the depth may have injured his chest cavity and caused a flail chest. I speak with one about this, and the need to support his chest wall and monitor for respiratory distress. Now, these assailants are in the building, they are storming in and grabbing guests. I hear one cry out ..."I'm looking for Stacy." Several people turn immediately to me and point me out. I follow these men outside...why run there is no fear in me. As we reach the outside it is apparent to me that they are lining up the ones they have chosen and executing them. Across from this building I was just in, is a very tall fence, made of black metal...approx 6 or 7 feet high. I watch as they line up their victims,,most of them appear to be of Anglo-Saxon heritage....and they begin shooting them in the back of the head. I hear shots, very powerful shots ring out; there is much crying and screaming.

*Note: "multiple storied building" suggests being on an elevated plane of consiousness, "watching through a window" denotes "seeing" the message, "seeing something written in the stars"= there will be evidence in the heavens of the damage to the "stars". June 15, 2016 http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/15/health/nasa-cassini-saturn-ring-mysterious-activity/ Scientist have named this event or disruption in the rings as a "jet". In the vision I describe it as the contrails of a jet; too similar to dismiss

The Serpent and the Paper Dragon

May 16, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I find myself on the bank or shore of a body of water. I look out upon the water and I see a very large snake swimming there. I sense apprehension concerning the snake. As I observe it swimming without care, the murky water begins to stir and from beneath and "behind" the "snake" leaps a very large dragon. This dragons appearance is fierce and purpose driven. It fully extends itself out of the water to display to me its' full measure. Just as quickly as it exits the water...it bends and consumes the snake with one bite. Then as I watch its' head, as it descended to fully engulf the serpent...it hits the water and immediately begins to dissolve for it was made of only paper.  


****Note: As He does, God directed me in revelation following this prophecy, to the island of Guam. There will be a nuclear threat coming from a submerged vehicle. God even gives us the direction of its' origination as being "behind" the "snake". Guam is the bulls-eye.



To Kill the Future...

April 27, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

Last night I find myself in a barren field. I feel the earth under my feet..for my feet are bare. I look down as I feel something moving beneath my toes, only to find that I am walking on thousands of maggots. I instantly know that death is near. Looking up again I see what has brought forth these seekers of death. Next to me is a large military truck and in the bed of this truck are hundreds of "African" boys....ALL have been slaughtered....their "future" is seen as dangerous. There has been a fear that these young boys would reach an age that would prompt them to become soldiers and then would fight against the "ones" in charge. I expect to smell decay, the smell of decomposition....but, I am surprised that I "smell" nothing. I then watch as a young boy is taught to make explosives out of a white powder...these explosives I believe to be very volatile and unstable.....I watch them but begin to back away from the danger.

*Note: the smell of death being absent is a lineage of time...this event was a prior event and the Spirit of God felt strongly that it MUST be revealed "why" and "who" Rarely has the I Am given me information following an event; it is usually a "fore knowledge". (for legitimacy I always either, in prior years, document through journalization or frequently now I will document the day following by emailing this prophecy to myself...creating a time line of proof.) http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-35364593 Jan/2016 al-Shabab attacks Kenyan military base; no of deaths still shrouded in secret, but could no. in the hundreds.

The "Farmer" without a Field-Moved to Prophecy & Event 3

March 19, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I awoke this morning with the vision of a vehicle and its' contents. Inside this vehicle was a large container and the words anhydrous ammonia and nitrogen kept repeating over and again in my minds "eye". Awoke to google these words. These are elements used in fertilizer and also used to formulate bombs.

Event: August 14, 2017 Bombing Plot in Oklahoma City is Thwart with Arrest 



Missile In the Sand - Moved to Prophecy and Event 3

 March 18, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of our forces firing missiles at our enemies. As I stood and "watched", I noticed that we were not paying attention to our skies, but only to the job at hand. From the "north" came a "missile"...a very large one...I screamed at the ones firing the missiles from our soil and began to run for cover. The large missile hit its' destination and embedded itself into the sand not far from us. I kept waiting for an explosion from the impact, but none came. Was this "missile" a dud and ineffectual? Or was this planned attack only meant to frighten us? 



Deadly Chemist! - Moved to Prophecy and Event 3

February 15, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

This night God brought me an image of a man appears to be of middle eastern decent. This man wore a vest...one that resembled a hunting vest or maybe even a Kevlar vest. From this vest came an "explosion" of many holes; all almost simultaneously. Out of each of the "breached" areas came forth a milky white substance.... I am unsure whether this substance was in a powdered form or IF there was a liquid substrate. I awoke thinking that a "chemical" was involved in this man's initiative and that a danger would result.

*Note: there have been several dreams the Lord has brought to my attention involving a "milky white liquid" and one in a powder form....the latter coming from a toy used as an explosive device.


**I believe the Lord is warning us that there will be an attempt to expose many to spores of Anthrax, he has shown this "white powder/liquid" multiple times now. It is clear that an "air-borne" exposure is far more deadly and contagious than a direct contact or injectable mode of transmission.

"She is a Woman. KILL Her!"

February 1, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed that I was in a war ravished area and that my very young son was with me. There were two women in fatigues and both carried high powered automatic weapons. One of the women was obviously the one giving orders to the other. The "leader" demanded that her subordinate shoot me stating, "She is a woman...KILL her!" There was hesitation on the part of the one receiving the "order" ...she and I both took note of the fact that my son was sitting near by and would see this horror. My son, approximately 4 or 5 years old sat down drinking a bottle of water...his hair dark, longer in length and curly. I looked about my surroundings hoping to find some cover, but only see a table standing between me and her weapon. She lifts her gun and aims at me....the last thought running through my mind was whether she would fire once with a good aim or hit me multiple times. I awaken here.

The EYE Is On Broadway...

January 29, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

Last night the Lord showed me sitting somewhere and "waiting" for "them" to show up. Then the name Tobey Fine is given.

*Note: Names are given very infrequently...each one given to me has been completely unfamilair. This unfamiliarity is so striking that it causes me to immeadiately research it. When I research the name "Tobey Fine" it returns to an artist by the name of Toby Buonagurio. This artist has a permanent display of her work in the subway station at 42 Street; under Times Square. This warning most probably denotes a danger to this very subway station/system. This is not the first time the Lord has directed me to Broadway street in New York City. I am unsure of the "need" here...only thing to do is to hit my knees in prayer. 

**** ISIL terrorist plot thwarted; charges filed in regard to one actor in May 2016.  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41536402




The Midnight Hour Fast Approaches

January 20, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

Many, many pale desert rattlesnakes huddled together. All of them intertwined and all very dangerous. Too many to kill individually...the Lord instructs me to pour fuel on them as they are amassed together and then light them up. One "small" one attempts to strike at me, but misses the mark.

Next, the I Am shows me a great metamorphosis taking place. Many change form and become their spiritual equivalent...DARKNESS leads the brood. There is one in a shroud, one that holds the knife...he has stepped forward. I am told, "The midnight hour fast approaches!"

A Great Shrine in Peril!

January 14, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

MANY things Seen this day...

1st: A GREAT earthquake..."Earthquake, EarthQUAKE, EARTHQUAKE!!!!" ....the water supply contaminated following

2nd: A "famous" man and his "son"at a Buddhist shrine....dressed up as the local custom and "there" to give an address or speech...SUDDENLY a danger. The man grabs his "son" and begins to run ...climbing "down" for safety

3rd: 2 men NOT what their pictures claim...BOTH hiding. A GREAT need to expose them before harm is done. Both connecting with me on social media...a "threat" through a "like" of a family photo

*Note: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/japan-earthquake-today-magnitude-58-quake-hits-off-east-of-country-a6992711.html A series of earthquakes strike Japan /April 2016.


Chaos, Chaos and more Chaos!!!-MOVED to Prophecy & Event II

December 28, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Last night I dreamed of "universal chaos"....MANY tragedies happening almost silmultaneously around the globe. I saw many trying to escape a danger...leaping off of trains, I saw great environmental disasters throughout the world. In the final portion of this vision, I was the "distracted" driver of a vehicle, one who had reached down for their phone...or perhaps looked at their phone while driving. I had many passengers in my vehicle...most that I was attempting to help. When I had looked away from the road, I drifted off the pavement and hit a barrier, maybe a sign of some sort. The impact was sudden and very forceful....great FORCE was felt. I was injured and ended up in the hospital for "trauma care"...but the hosptials were overrun with patients from other "accidents". I was prepped for surgery.



From the Bowels of a GREAT Fish...

December 18, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

As the waters have receeded...the GREAT fish is found lifeless. From his bowels are found the remains of several serpents and an adolescent mastodon, once a living meal.

The "Mechanic" is Caught!

December 19, 2015

Dream from The I Am:

I am observing one known as "the mechanic" ....he is looking beneath my vehicle and at the undercarriage of several others. He is planning evil, but the authorities are "looking" for him as well. He is found in time and arrested without incident.

Stench of a Dying Planet

December 16, 2015

Dream from The I Am:

This past night the Lord took me in Spirit and revealed to me an encroachment of adolescent alligators, which had moved further into fresh water systems. He then explained to me that this ecological disaster was the result of the warmer temperatures causing a greater increase in water temps. This effect of our dying planet will have GREAT lasting ecological impacts.