Guantanamo RELEASES the Leopard!

December 10, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed last night that I was in an "animal park" ....I was observing a large cage which contained a smaller that separated the animals and kept them from fighting. The larger cage had contained a lion, but was no longer there. I sensed very little danger from this "lion". The smaller cage, the cage within the cage, contained what I initially thought was a cheetah, but it's head and body were larger and NOT as lean. I kept eyeing this cage and wondering if it was "safe" to stand so close to it. I felt that there was little danger, so I began to move closer to this enclosure. As I approached the smaller cage and the "leopard" ...the animal stands up (has stopped grooming itself) and begins to growl in my direction. It is then that I notice the vicious animal is able to "leave its' enclosure" and that I am in great danger!! I start to back towards an exit point to leave. It is now, as I am departing the "cage" that a "dog" approaches me. The "dog" looks friendly enough, it appears almost like the large "Irish Wolfhound" breed....I reach out to pet it, only to have it growl at me...AND, to discover that its' fur coat is mixed with the feathers of a bird ...the feathers very distinct in color, white with black dots and stripes upon them. These "feathers" are almost camouflaged within its' coat. A man then approaches the glass that I stand behind and instructs me to sit down at the "dogs" level; this will seem "less threatening". I comply with his instructions and sit...the "dog" calms down and sits at my side. We begin a conversation...but, remarkably I begin this with sign language ....the "dog" can understand me and begins to show me the deaf alphabet.

Plantation of Evil Origins

November 30, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

In this dream I am riding a bicycle and am in a foreign country. I come across a very dangerous man, ethnicity unknown, but appears light skinned and "white" ...possibly of European decent; his hair blonde. He is "farming" yams and casually tosses them into cardboard boxes. He has a "small one" with him; unsure of this one's meaning; maybe relation or maybe only "one" he extends influence to. He "sees" me and I know it is time for me to leave...his recognition of me has caused my need to leave his presence.....there IS EVIL here with this man.

12-5-15 NOTES:

This "white man" may be the one financially supporting the smaller "one" ....the "small one" coming out from underneath a vehicle...this may indicate a "danger" coming from a vehicle, the "danger" placed beneath the carriage, or just from "beneath".

***Nigeria is the leading producer of yams by 60+ percent.

01/26/18: I noted today with the above mentioned links that the export of yam production from Nigeria began in June of 2017. I would be miss, to not note, that this may pose a risk for a route of a terroist plot. In addition to this news, it was also noted that the UK had issued a travel advisory on January 5, 2018,  for the area of Nigeria due to increased terroist activity with Boko Haram. URGENCY HERE. 

The BEEF Exchange

November 30, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

I had a dream from the Lord last night. In this dream He shows me that there will be an "exchange" of beef for money....that the exchange will be a higher rate than the value of the beef.  (The value raised as an incentive to give it away.) 



November 16, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

I awoke this morning with the word Raqqa visually repeating over and over again in my mind. At first I thought the television was on and that I just "heard" the word...but still the vision came back into my minds "eye" RAQQA.....(unsure of what this word means, will try to google later).

*Note: 11-18-15 Looking today over media outlets, there is much talk concerning Raqqa...apparently Daesh's "self-imposed" capital.


POISED TO STRIKE!- MOVED to Prophecy & Event III

November 14, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Last night I dreamed that I was in a house and walking bare foot,. Around me I noticed many snakes upon the ground. Many of them were small, but all of them were noted to be poisonous . I knew I must kill them all before they harmed many that would be unaware they were there. I grabbed a shovel and took out after one very large desert rattle very "pale" in color. I struck at this snakes head, only to realize this snakes head had already been severed....BUT, to my amazement, was STILL MOVING. I then saw it attempt to scratch at its' own eyes by rubbing up against a wall...the "snake" was successful at removing one of its' eyes, but then set out to work on another. My friend was then suddenly there for I had called out for her in order to warn her of the dangers around. She saw the snake and then lifted up the corner of a loose board on the floor and the snake promptly rolled its' severed head beneath the floor. I then commanded her to lift the board again...I sensed danger from what else might be hidden beneath the "floor". She complied and I then saw a very "large" and most dangerous pygmy rattlesnake.....POISED TO STRIKE!!! This ONE I was afraid to hit with just the weapon currently in my hand....THIS ONE needed a more sophisticated weapon.....ONE that could be used from a further distance!

We "may" have taken out a "danger" by targeting "Jihadi John" ....BUT another even greater danger awaits...ONE that is in hiding and POSED TO STRIKE. (this dangerous one could be hiding "underground" or is truly hiding beneath the ground....maybe even targeting an underground system)

Stow Away Terror?

October 22, 2015
Dream from the I Am:

The Lord showed me in dream a man small in stature, either Mexican or middle eastern hiding in a small compartment...what looked like an overhead baggage compartment on an airplane. He was almost naked and only in a pair of boxer briefs..for it was hot where he was hiding. When he came down from the compartment he was sweating heavily, but seemed to be in good spirits. I then watched him attempt to siphon some liquid into a large white jug with a long small diameter tubing. I could not come up for an explanation for what he was attempting to do....I thought, why is he siphoning water when there's a faucet right there??? What was he doing??? What was the liquid???


"My Father locked us out!"-MOVED to Prophecy & Event II

October 19, 2015
Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of a young mother and her son. I came upon them as they were sleeping inside a car; surrounding themselves with cardboard to insulate themselves. The temperature was very cold and there was already snow upon the ground. I reached out my hand to her and her son; concerned for their welfare. They both took my hand and I helped them up. I asked why they were out here and not within the shelter of the home they were sitting in front of...the young woman told me she had been locked out of her father’s home. I helped them up and began looking for them shelter and resources.


DANGER in the Trailer!

October 11, 2015
Dream from the I Am:
I dreamed that I was at “work” and that a “customer” came in after “close”. He was a heavy set white man; not sure of his nationality. He appeared to be European by observing his mannerisms and speech. This man was acting peculiar and had caught my attention. He gathered up some “product” in his arms and then asked for the directions to the bathroom.....I answered his question, but watched him closely with great suspicion. After observing him, I KNEW that something was wrong...I began to follow him out the door as he tried to escape detection for his crime. He ran to a white vehicle that was waiting for him...the vehicle some European SUV model....the driver a female. As he got in the “vehicle”, he turned to me and said, “I’m leaving this for you.” He then pointed to an unusually shaped that was shorter in length and had a metal covering to it. I KNEW that the contents were very dangerous!!! I “shouted” out for help and called the police, trying frantically to memorize the license of the vehicle....clearly not a local tag. I left the area and searched for “safety” while I waited for the authorities to “respond”. I found a group of people just sitting and talking...I sat for a moment to “listen”. One man recognized me and pointing to me states, “He is known as the Butcher...and he would like to rip you to shreds!” I awaken following these words.

MASS Execution of "Non-Loyals"-MOVED to Prophecy & Event II


September 7, 2014
Dream from the I Am:
Mass execution of “non-loyals” ....FBI in pursuit of a large white limousine...gunfire exchanged and one officer assailant killed...BUT, “looking” for the “One” responsible.

Turmoil with Beef Producers!



June 15, 2014
Dream from the I Am:
FDA/USDA...turmoil with the beef producers...GREAT outcry!!!

"Columbus" and NATO



September 9, 2014
Dream from the I Am:
I awoke this morning with these words repeating in my memory, ship, NATO, Columbus and 109

The Water Keeps Rising!-MOVED to Prophecy & Event II



September 28, 2015
Dream from the I Am:
I was shown flooding over a large area...the water kept rising and I was trying to get to safety, but the water made it very difficult. I threw an item that was attached to me to another, but it missed and landed in the water.

KIDNAPPING in progress!

September 29, 2015
Dream from the I Am:
I was shown by the Holy Spirit a Kidnapping in progress. The victims were two children a boy and a girl and two women. I am “observing” as one of the women...I “see” through one of the victims. There are three or maybe four men involved in this crime. The leader is older in his late(?) forties and two younger men. While abducting us they have forgot to search me and in my over sized black jacket is my cell phone. It is hidden behind some Kleenex. I take out the Kleenex from my pocket and the cell phone is behind it...I am then able to dial 911 and begin to whisper that we need help. I think they are now trying to look for the vehicle we are in, but we have now entered the State of Texas.

Japan Faces Devastating Earthquake


September 22, 2015
Dream from the I Am:
The visions of this night were fragmented. Pieces “seen” were:
Asteroid on Fire travel at high speed
A devastating Earthquake in Japan
A Tornado too close, but NO one paying attention
Water “source” slowed...checking Connection
Water contaminated...NEED for purification/cleansing



CAUGHT in the act of Child Molestation!

September 18, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

I opened the "door" to find him, this man average height and build, light colored hair and wearing glasses...(I belive this is the same man I had seen killing multiple people in previous dreams). I startled this man while he was in the act of molesting a very small child. He attempts to clothe the child again and begins to make excuses as to what he was doing. I am told he is "lying" anger and disgust rise to my throat, I then awaken.

Latakia at War/ "Omar" Holding Children Hostage

September 12, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

The name "Omar" given....children in NEED..held hostage and in GRAVE danger.

Now the Spirit gives the name Latakia...and says "War"'s citizens on foot.

A "protector" walks beside me with a staff in hand..."he" sees "The Mother" and she hates me,! She begins to run at me, The "Protector" chides her and she retreats! 


Event: October 12, 2017 US and Pakistani Intelligence sources secure the rescue of American/Canadian hostages Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle and their young children. The Boyles were held captive by the Haqqani Network, a branch of the Taliban. (Mr. Boyle is the former husband of the sister to "Omar" Kadhr, a Canadian who was imprisioned in Guantanamo Boy for his ties to terroism.) ***The rescue highly critical and lead to their captors giving the order to "kill the hostages" in the process of their rescue; several captors were killed in the mission.


Government CHECK Points

September 11, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

The Spirit shows me many large military aircraft...helicopters....bringing in heavy equipment. And setting.up a CHECK POINT at an intersection. I ride in another military vehicle with four men and. one woman....all with automatic weapons and heavily armed.

Favor with the Supreme Leader

February 13, 2015
Dream from the I Am:
The Spirit took me to the end of time. There I was shown that there would be an invasion of the US. I hear a scream of, “in coming RPG!!”. I “see” tanks and missile defense systems all around me. A “man” next to me grabs my arm and we duck for cover. This man instructs me to “hold your breath! You can NOT inhale following these bombs!” Do these bombs contain chemical warfare agents??? Many scenes now intersect in the vision.....I now see a grocery store, but the shelves are almost bare, there is little food left now. People scramble to find a way of escape and protection. The basement of a hospital is used as a bomb shelter. I see many civilian aircraft being hit with missiles and bursting into flames; falling from the sky. Again the vision shifts and I see a woman gathering things to pack for her family....she is scavenging someone’s home. This woman finds a lot of peanut butter and was very excited to find plastic forks. This next shift takes me to a scene that the Holy Spirit wants me to witness. All those who were left in the cities are brought here before the “Supreme Leader”. These people had brought the leader different metals, currency and gold. If they did not find favor with the leader, the leader initially made you to believe you had. These people were allowed to sit upon the throne of the ruler, only to find this was to be their demise....having their heads removed from their shoulders.

The Blood Moon and the Hammer of God!

August 27, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

As I slept last night the Lord took me in Spirit and revealed to me a moon so close I felt I could touch it. Its" color as red as blood. This moon stood close to the earth and from it came a Hammer the size of another planet. This Hammer of God was swift and its' aim struck its target with a fierceness that startled me. It destroyed "my" home.....EVERYTHING was devastated by its purpose. The whole of the earth stood in shock.

*** There has been much speculation concerning the "Blood Moons" /lunar eclipses....I have stayed away from time lines...but, will always give credit to cycles of seasons....these lunar eclipses are cyclical AND, I can not dismiss my Lord's vision and warning. I hope all who are lead to...will hit knees concerning this prophecy.

Serial Killer must be Caught-MOVED to Prophecy & Event II

   July 18, 2013
   Dream from the I Am:
   This night I dreamed of a serial killer. This man I observed appeared to be in his forties or early fifties. His hair was light brunette; almost blonde....wears it short and has glasses on at times. This man’s build is medium to heavy and his face full/round. I feel like he is an average height. The Spirit shows me a fenced in area where he has placed the cars of some of his victims......approximately 5 to 6 are here. There is one that stands out to me, it is an older truck, a 60-70 model chevy pickup....the colors orange and cream. I am told these belong to his victims and so I write down the license plates. I do not remember the details of these plates now, but have a knowing that one is from Texas. I am then shown one of his victims on the floor...a man...I have a “feeling” that most if not all of his victims are male. The killer has begun to dismember this victim...I look and see much blood under the body. But, the “woman” (this is usually an angelic being) that stands beside me ....states, “What you see can not be, for there was no blood left within their bodies.” (at the time of dismemberment)
   *this lack of “blood” may be symbolic of the spiritual state of the killers victims

EVENT:  Wednesday April 11, 2018, Bruce McArthur, 66 was indicted on first degree murder charges in connection with one of his alledged victims. Total victims alledged to date numbers seven.


Plot Against New High Rise-MOVED to Prophecy & Event II

   August 26, 2015
   Dream from the I Am:
   I “awake” in this dream “knowing” that I am running late for “work”. I jump in the car half dressed, but keep thinking it is too important that I am on time....I’ll just buy some work clothes when I get there. I reach my “destination”, but am surprised to find out it is “not my work”. The building is a very large ( I believe new) high rise....holding many different businesses in side. “I” begin looking for a bathroom....somewhere in which to “hide”. I somehow end up on the floor that houses a “daycare” that may even take children with disabilities. Once in this bathroom, I begin to check for a clear hiding that does not contain video surveillance...THIS is very important to me. I can feel this one’s apprehension that there are children here, but this is only momentary...AND again, I begin to put my plan to action.
   *many times throughout the day I get an overwhelming desire to sleep. This “nap” only lasts just moments, but usually the outcome is a prophecy brought forth from our Lord. ****this is not the first time I have witnessed the actions and feelings of the one I am observing

Military Fleet hiding on cover of Night

August 26, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

A massive fleet "seen"...hiding in wait on cover of darkness. Attack on order.