March 5, 2018

Dream from the I Am:

A "rogue" cop and a SWAT response. 

***emailed on 03-05-18 and posted 03-09-18

EVENT: Friday March 9, 2018....Albert Wong murders 3 hostages and self after storming a "going away" event at the Veterans Home of California, Yountville, CA.

Note: I am unsure why God would choose to show Mr. Wong as a law enforcement officer, but in the article mentioned above, the jounalist talks of Albert registration as a security guard with a concealed carry license (that had recently been revoked). 


Wings on The Wire

June 22, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of several people in military guise who are parachuting from a plane; either in a training exercise or during mission. While I watch something tragic unfolds and their chutes are caught in an electrical line and all are electrocuted (possibly four or five are seen hanging from this line). 
***** I do not know if this means the occurrence is once or several different events; it seems very improbable that this would be one incident for surely some would be able to avoid the same fate as the others.  (This dream was initially journalized and not emailed for time line proof- I often go over these journals and allow God to guide with what prophecy should be posted, and this one was definately time to post.) I do know that when doing research to see if this had already occured, I was only able to find one incident that could be attributed to a military personnel parachuting while in training and connecting with a high power line..with no resulting death. But, did note that there were many articles of late talking about the deaths attributed to "static" drops and other incidences increasing by an alarming number within our military bodies. This some times will mean God is trying to tell us that there is an error occuring and will show us multiple deaths, but this some times means they may come from different sources. THIS MUST be prayed over for further revelation and interpretation. 
EVENT: Thursday March 15, 2018 HH-60 Pave Hawk, US military helicopter crashes after striking a power line, killing all 7 service members aboard. Five of the service members were reoported to be members of Para-Rescue squad; reportedly not flying "mission bound", but were in the air for transport duties. 
Note: When we are shown things "to come" through the Spirit of God, often we are given information in a large amount of detail so that we may pray specifically for those that will be affected. God had revealed that there would be active duty personnel that would be impacted by a tragedy arriving from a "power line" as a source, and that these individuals would have a history of parachuting in their duties. I can only pray for these events and ask for God's intervention on the behalf of the families affected by this tragedy. And until the actual event unfolds and I am given "confirmation" that this IS the prophecy event forseen, then my "job" is to interceed for any and all that will be impacted; even the 2 individuals that were not shown in the intial "viewing" of the event.