Chaos, Chaos, and more Chaos!!!

December 28, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Last night I dreamed of "universal chaos"....MANY tragedies happening almost silmultaneously around the globe. I saw many trying to escape a danger...leaping off of trains, I saw great environmental disasters throughout the world. In the final portion of this vision, I was the "distracted" driver of a vehicle, one who had reached down for their phone...or perhaps looked at their phone while driving. I had many passengers in my vehicle...most that I was attempting to help. When I had looked away from the road, I drifted off the pavement and hit a barrier, maybe a sign of some sort. The impact was sudden and very forceful....great FORCE was felt. I was injured and ended up in the hospital for "trauma care"...but the hosptials were overrun with patients from other "accidents". I was prepped for surgery.


Serial Killer must be Caught!

July 18, 2013
   Dream from the I Am:
   This night I dreamed of a serial killer. This man I observed appeared to be in his forties or early fifties. His hair was light brunette; almost blonde....wears it short and has glasses on at times. This man’s build is medium to heavy and his face full/round. I feel like he is an average height. The Spirit shows me a fenced in area where he has placed the cars of some of his victims......approximately 5 to 6 are here. There is one that stands out to me, it is an older truck, a 60-70 model chevy pickup....the colors orange and cream. I am told these belong to his victims and so I write down the license plates. I do not remember the details of these plates now, but have a knowing that one is from Texas. I am then shown one of his victims on the floor...a man...I have a “feeling” that most if not all of his victims are male. The killer has begun to dismember this victim...I look and see much blood under the body. But, the “woman” (this is usually an angelic being) that stands beside me ....states, “What you see can not be, for there was no blood left within their bodies.” (at the time of dismemberment)
   *this lack of “blood” may be symbolic of the spiritual state of the killers victims.

EVENT:  Wednesday April 11, 2018, Bruce McArthur, 66 was indicted on first degree murder charges in connection with one of his alledged victims. Total victims alledged to date numbers seven.





Plot Against New High Rise

August 26, 2015
   Dream from the I Am:
   I “awake” in this dream “knowing” that I am running late for “work”. I jump in the car half dressed, but keep thinking it is too important that I am on time....I’ll just buy some work clothes when I get there. I reach my “destination”, but am surprised to find out it is “not my work”. The building is a very large ( I believe new) high rise....holding many different businesses in side. “I” begin looking for a bathroom....somewhere in which to “hide”. I somehow end up on the floor that houses a “daycare” that may even take children with disabilities. Once in this bathroom, I begin to check for a clear hiding that does not contain video surveillance...THIS is very important to me. I can feel this one’s apprehension that there are children here, but this is only momentary...AND again, I begin to put my plan to action.
   *many times throughout the day I get an overwhelming desire to sleep. This “nap” only lasts just moments, but usually the outcome is a prophecy brought forth from our Lord. ****this is not the first time I have witnessed the actions and feelings of the one I am observing

Event: November 4, 2015 Terror event at Inland Regional Center, 14 murdered and many wounded.


12-3-15 *I knew the one I was feeling and observing was "female" ...she intially scoped out this building with her husband, looking for a place without surveilence; intially asking a "hispanic" female for directions to the bathroom and actually entering this bathroom to check her suroundings. Her momentary concience was overcome "quickly" with her "need" to carry out her "work". This may have been a "soft target" ...but it WAS a "target". This event was not personally infulenced by her, but was "personal" to her weaker husband.

"My Father locked us out!"

October 19, 2015
Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of a young mother and her son. I came upon them as they were sleeping inside a car; surrounding themselves with cardboard to insulate themselves. The temperature was very cold and there was already snow upon the ground. I reached out my hand to her and her son; concerned for their welfare. They both took my hand and I helped them up. I asked why they were out here and not within the shelter of the home they were sitting in front of...the young woman told me she had been locked out of her father’s home. I helped them up and began looking for them shelter and resources.

Event: November 7, 2015...Mother murders child and then commits suicide...

MASS Execution of "Non-Loyals"

September 7, 2014

Dream from the I Am:
Mass execution of “non-loyals” ....FBI in pursuit of a large white limousine...gunfire exchanged and one officer assailant killed...BUT, “looking” for the “One” responsible.


Event: Otober 22, 2015 MASS Execution Derailed....One officer killed..



The Water Keeps Rising!



September 28, 2015
Dream from the I Am:
I was shown flooding over a large area...the water kept rising and I was trying to get to safety, but the water made it very difficult. I threw an item that was attached to me to another, but it missed and landed in the water.

Event: Flooding of the Carolinas



Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma & Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

April 13, 2013
Dream from the I Am:
In this dream the Holy Spirit shows me driving my vehicle towards Norman. I then am shown two tornadoes....hitting family in path of one....unprotected; I call to them to come back inside. One of the tornadoes has picked up my older son....I start to run to him, but then change my mind...I must save the others and leave God to this one. After I have ushered the others to safety I turn back to my son. I watch amazed as the tornado lowers him back onto the ground unharmed. Now, the dream shifts and I am driving again, but now turn “South” ....unsure why the direction has shifted....I “look” around me and see a very unusual cloud of smoke forming...I must decipher this new danger. I notice that there are many homes on fire in this very populated neighborhood......dotted throughout the landscape, but not all in one area.

April 18 & 19, 2013: Multiple deaths following tornado outbreaks in Oklahoma
April 17, 2013: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

President DENIES knowledge of VA crisis!

July 1, 2014

There is One in a position of Great power who will accept responsibility, BUT his admission is false! He will claim he was "unaware" of "two-weeks".


Missing Family Found Dead in Latimer County

   July 30, 2011
   Dream from the I Am:
   Awoke this morning with the word “Latimer” repeating over and over again in my head....Impression: I feel this is a county; I will goggle this today.

   Event:The missing family of the Jamison's were discovered in November 2013. The remains of father, mother and child are found just 3 miles from their abandoned truck in Latimer county Oklahoma.