I call this page Daniel’s Room. It is where I will dictate what God has revealed to me in dream about the Spiritual state of His Kingdom, the Churches and prophecy yet to take place in event. I hope that you can see with the eyes of the Spirit and will gain insight into this gift of life we have been given.

Much Love & Truth,
Stacy Raines

MOST WANTED detained at Airport



 April 16, 2013

Dream from the I Am:


"War, War, WAR!".....This is what I heard from the Holy Spirit......while I looked around and saw many tanks scattered across our land. Missile defense systems in place and covering all areas. There was much concern about our waterways. EVERY WHERE I looked, I saw military personnel and vehicles.  There was also an internal threat the FBI/CIA were looking for .... their "eyes" trained on the airports...detaining her as she arrived (I had her name, but it is gone now).







Earthquake of the Century

August 11, 2010

Dream from the I Am:

I am in the middle of one of my pastures and working with “someone”. While we were working around the barn I heard Max scream. There was a fire in one of the feed sheds. Even at his age he recognized the the danger and began to put it out. I hollered out to him to stop, and then I began to run to him. As I ran, the ground began to shake violently and preceded to open up around me; HUGE cracks then appeared all around. Some of these fissures were so deep that a human could not traverse them. Since I was cornered, Max began to run towards me. He came close to one of the fissures and so I yelled for him to stop. The dream then splits here and we are now “many” without homes following this tragic earthquake. Many families are forced to live within federal shelters.


Note: Oklahoma has continued to encounter numerous earthquakes at a rate of 600 times the normal background history. 




The Old World Market-MOVED to Prophecy & Event

July 17, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed that I was driving a car/truck and that “thugs” (word given through the Holy Spirit) were on the street....trying to cause havoc. I drove past them, but they “attempted” to approach my vehicle....then changed their minds...attempting to “frighten” me. I then turned a “corner” and exited the vehicle, I was now on foot and Max was with me; trailing behind fascinated with some of the things that we were “seeing”. I find myself now walking in an “open-air market”/venue. I enter a shop, a quaint older store...reminiscent of a previous era and definitely out of place...”forced” to do business here. The shop was necessary, but alone in its’ market. I feared for it, for the dangers around it were pervasive. I left the “shop” and walked outside into the market. The road/market streets were made of brick, an “old world” charm about us. I noticed a young, heavy-set white male in a white button down shirt and an apron around his waist. This young man was preparing tables to serve a “special event”. I heard a noise from behind me and looked to find a performer setting up with his guitar. ....preparing to entertain. Turning back to the waiter and his table, I noticed a white man believed to be in his fifties sitting at this “table”. (he wears glasses, a slight hefty appearance, a “badge” around his neck, he sports a radio in one hand and possibly a gun on his waist). I holler for Max to come on, and then looking back at the table, I tell the man and his waiter, “You MUST be careful...it is dangerous out here!” The man nods his head in affirmation and I then awaken.

Journalist Assassinated!

September 26, 2009

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of a “confrontation” at its’ conclusion. I am observing from inside a car with “another” beside me. In a vehicle sits an African-American female (she is in the driver’s seat), and beside her is a young white man. Outside the vehicle they are in and “leaning” against the “passenger” door, is an African-American male (unsure of this man’s age, but the woman appears to be in her 40’s). There seems to have been some sort of discussion or disagreement about a topic and it “appeared” to have come to a conclusion....a possible resolution. The younger white male is a journalist. The gentleman outside the vehicle seems to be satisfied, but then the white male says, “good luck with that deficit problem!” This comment is said with much sarcasm as the white male tries to “exit” the vehicle. At this time the woman pulls out a “weapon” and begins to fire upon the white male....her shots emotional and haphazard. The journalist attempts to run for cover.....as the woman fires continuously....rage filled shots. One of her shots hits the journalist in the left shoulder and he falls to the ground in a prone positon. It is then that the woman “catches” up with him and callously shoots him in the back of the head....a clear assassination. I am mortified and shocked at this rage....devastating to witness. The “murderer” backs away from him, yelling incoherently. No one is able to approach the journalist due to the danger of the situation. It is then that the Spirit of God gives me a word of knowledge....that this young journalist had been “staying” with these people to research a story.

Iran REFUSES to Sign Nuclear Agreement!

February 4, 2012

Dream from the I Am:

I am packing my bags and leaving the country with the kids. Iran has refused to sign the “resolution” on “nuclear armament” ......AND, nuclear attack is imminent. I told my son that staying out at the farm would be safest.

Note: In July of 2015, The JCPOA is agreed upon; restricting Iran from further nuclear proliferation. ***this agreement was refused signature from the Iranian government in order to obsolve complete legal responsibility.



Russia INVADES the US by Way of Canada!

May 7, 2014

Dream from the I Am:

I dream I am in another "country", but I do not feel far from my home. The countryside is beautiful. ..very moutainous and green....heavily forested. "We" are on foot and as we are walking, I see a large Grizzly Bear....she has a small "cub" with her. "She" walks the land in the open, brazen and unafraid. I immediately turn and try to warn those around me of the danger this "bear" poses. There is a "man" with me ...one who provides "provisions" and "protection" for me. He has provided a small "hideout" cut out of the side of a moutain. It has a beautiful hand hewn bed...very well made and very comfortable. .....I find rest here.I am unsure how or where, but at some point "someone" ushers in a moose...it is then that I realize that I am in the land of the MOOSE! I am not personally afraid of the Bear, but KNOW I must warn those around me. 

May 22, 2014 Interpretation  is given

Russia WILL invade Canada to reach the US

All Intel Systems Fail!-MOVED to Prophecy & Event

January 25, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Massive “Intel” failure!!! Systems down......all banking systems stall and fail.....not able to “pick up” signals. Many watch anxiously. Some leave before the problem can be fixed.


The American Holocaust...God has warned!

February 2014

Vision from the I Am:

I had some shopping to do, so I ran into my local Walmart. I was in a hurry, but as soon as I had entered the door and breached the store....the power of God fell upon me. I saw before my eyes that all those around me had instantly changed. No longer were there hundreds of healthy and “happy” individuals surrounding me....BUT now, they were all emaciated, sad and forlorn. Even the children I saw standing around were all starving, sick and so unhealthy. I could not believe my eyes and I immediately became ill. The Spirit of God then spoke to me and said, “They are all starving. They will all starve till death takes them.” The weight of his words and the situation hit me and broke my heart. I must have looked like an idiot standing there frozen from the horror and weeping for God’s people. The Holy Spirit then explained to me that this is not only a spiritual state of his creation, but an actual state of starvation that will hit his people.

Terror Attack on Major Bridge

June 27, 2014

Dream from the I Am:

I observe a woman in control of a “vehicle” .....unusual, almost perverted relationship with a son. This woman is angry, very angry over public opinion of him and words spoken against him. Her desire is to do GREAT harm! She will attempt to harm a multitude of people on his behalf. I observe her drive this vehicle on a major roadway, highway.....there is an “interchange” and “intersection”.....bridge maybe. She will attempt to kill many by her actions. I fight with her, as I watch many “vehicles” crashing/wrecking all around us. I can even see the faces of an older couple from one of the vehicles.....horrified and startled. (I do not see this couples outcome) I am finally able to “spin” the vehicle out of control....the vehicle comes to a stop in front of a church. There are many children playing outside .....or in other activities. I shout out to them to get the “adults” from the inside...as I am still in my struggle to stop her. Finally the adults come out to meet my needs.
(could this be Zebeidat Tsarnev?)



The "Black Widow" is Dead!


July 13, 2014

Dream from the I Am:


Masses without homes....our citizens. Shelters given within National Parks. Waterways clear....”banks” still “holding”. The “Black Widow” has been found within a “blanket”(covering)....”she is dead!”....pictures are taken.




US Carrier Hit!

June 26, 2014

Dream from the I Am:

US Carrier HIT near the Persian Gulf......journalist need for evacuation....rescue efforts under way.

(this dream was initially posted to my Facebook page...for documentation purposes)


The White Tiger Invades the US

April 27, 2012

Dream from the I Am:

I observe many on foot and trying to escape a danger. The people appear American most of European decent. I am helping them leave AHEAD of the danger. While I am watching this progress, a WHITE TIGER with blue eyes has crossed the ‘barbed wire” fence line and is PURSING them......(it has left many dead in its’ wake of destruction). I tell them that they must keep walking...look ahead. The tiger looks at me bewildered....I am not afraid of this beast.

Trouble with North Korea......China.....Help through prayer and fore warnings...EVACUATIONS of American and foreign nationals.





Mass Genocide of Christian Girls

September 22, 2014

Dream from the I Am:

I had a dream from the Lord last night. In it I was observing a creek bed or river bed, there were waterfalls and some sort of stone bridge over it. At first I noticed nothing out of place or unusual, but I did see a pile of “things” that had floated down stream. But, upon closer examination, I realize that these are the bodies of several little girls and babies. I jump into the water in order to attempt to save them. The first child I reached out to was floating head down in the water with her little bottom sticking above. (she was fully dressed) I turned her over and was hopeful because her skin still looked good and pink. I began rescue breathing, but noticed that my puffs of air were existing the left side of her face...I looked and found a gunshot wound to her left check. The second child was older, approximately 6 or 7 years old....she too had a mortal wound to her head. It was then that I realized that these girls had been assassinated......and were probably victims of genocide.

God's Created Universe

March 26, 2012

Dream from the I Am:

I am so grateful that my Lord deems me worthy of His great mysteries. To see glimpses of His universe, His creation and it’s mathematical foundation ...is amazing. And, although I can see it...glimpse it..I can not fully understand it. Its’ magnitude is too complex for the human mind to grasp. The structure of the cube its’ complexity, its’ constant motion....the way it is constantly being altered by the “unseen” force. It is so “high-minded” and yet, so purpose driven. The unpredictability of its’ movements denote a reasoning far greater than the mind can comprehend. The inner and outer dimensions are constantly being altered, the engineering is strong yet absurdly basic in nature.

"Light the Left Eye"


November 5, 2011

 Matthew 6:22: The light of the Body is the eye.

Dream from the I Am:

In this dream I stood with a woman beside me, and we stood in front of a large group of infants. She instructed me to light their eyes. I then reached out and lit a candle that set in their left eye. I was worried that I would harm them, but this process did NO harm to them.



The left eye is symbolic for clear vision/direction




Lithuania Has Been Taken

April 16, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Lithuania in "trouble".......its citizens refugees......many belongings left behind.

Three Missiles Fired At New York


April 21, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Three missiles fired at New York. Total panic ensues. Will they be stopped??? I watch their course. ...their path is "dead on".

Christian University Attacked


February 13, 2009

Dream from the I Am:

This was a dream of a “christian” university being attacked by Muslim terrorists. They started this attack with a car accident in the parking lot....a diversion, and then they just opened fire on the students. Four men were involved.....they used high powered automatic weapons.

Terror for New York

July 9, 2007

Dream from the I Am:

In this dream I am riding in a small boat and at a very rapid speed. I am very fearful of this speed, but God speaks to me and assures me that He is driving this boat and that I am safe. (I hear the water all around me) God then pulls the boat over to the side of the water, along side a bridge and I get out. I walk up the embankment and head to the top of the bridge. When I reach the top I notice a group of teenagers standing on the bridge, just hanging out and talking. This bother the mother in me; I am concerned for their safety upon the bridge. I caution them to please be careful and to find somewhere else to hang out. I then start to walk away when I hear a scream from behind me. I turn back and run to the group and looking across the water I see smoke and fire where a skyscraper had stood; it is then that I realize that I am looking at the New York skyline. I watch in horror while the round/cylindrical building on the right begins to fall with more fire and smoke coming from below. Then the 3rd and final building begins to fall. This building is to the left of the three and had the appearance of a church; with the steeple on top. (when it fell, it wiped out everything in its’ path; coming very close to me) God had protected me!
NOTE: I am devastated by this dream and for weeks have trouble eating or sleeping. It is only told to a couple of people that I trust. It is then that God helps me to forget of its’ content, and would not allow it to resurface until almost a year later. It is at this time that I am watching a series on the 9/11 attacks in New York City...and the dream comes rushing back to me in all its’ details. God tells me to go look for these buildings and even look from the vantage point of the bridge I was looking from. I began to search the internet for bridges in New York City....only then realizing that there are numerous bridges that cross waterways in that city. I then turn my attention to pictures of the New York skyline and aerial shots. I find my most memorable building; the one with the steeple......and the round and square buildings are located. It is the Chrysler building that has the church like steeple and appearance. I look up the Chrysler building only to find out that it was sold ......the day before.

Terror at the Vatican

November 16, 2012

Dream from the I Am:

I am standing in the middle of this room and watching a “Queen”. She is in regal robe and she stands straddling a bassinet. Below her and filling this bassinet is old, tainted blood. The Spirit tells me that, “she has given birth to much death”. I watch as she steps down from her perch and begins to walk with angst and purpose. As she walks she speaks destructive and belittling words.....her mouth spews venom and blaspheme. I hear the Holy Spirit say, "She is the whore....the one that sits on many waters".

She approaches a stair well, magnificent and regal; she begins her assent. She reaches one dressed in royal attire. The hand of the Prince is extended to her.....the ring extended to her. She bends as if to kiss it, but instead she bites the finger from the hand that wields it. The “Prince” screams out! I am horrified. But, as I am watching all of this evil, I see a mortal wound appear to the Royal’s belly......his bowels spill to the ground. As I watch this horror unfold and the blood spill freely from the Princes abdomen....I am told to look up. There in the crook of the Prince’s left arm, like one in the military would hold one’s helmet, is the Royal’s severed head. I am told by the Spirit...”Headship has already been removed”.

The Sin Eater

January 18, 2008

Dream from the I Am:

I was in a country with an abundance of sand; an ancient city with steps of stone and winding roads. I was on the road and watching a figure clothed in a dark cloak. This figure held a shepherd’s staff in his left hand and as he walked the road a large pile of serpents slithered beside him. The serpents hovered above the ground, and when the figure would stop, they would stop. The figure would then move to the pile of serpents, and rearrange them, so they would move more effectively. The serpents moved as one; very organized.  I noticed on the road behind the figure and his serpents, were the bodies of 3 dead serpents. I pointed these out to him, and he turned towards me, laughing, he waved his hand at them and said, “These are of no use to me now; they have been tread upon.” I stood amazed that I had no fear of this figure; although he brought fear to many. He turned back to the road and began walking down some ancient steps with his serpents at his side. (note: bare feet had tread upon this three dead serpents: death, hell and the grave) I turned back to find behind me the foundations of this ancient city. In the foundation laid a small crack/fissure and in this fissure the serpent had laid its’ nest of eggs. Above the fissure sat one who was poised to consume the hatchlings as they would emerge from the opening. I stood watching this naked human form as it consumed these hatchlings. I pointed to each as they emerged; not wanting any to be missed; not one was. NOTE: 01-18-08 asked God to reveal this dreams meaning and His answer was to take me to Ezekiel chapter 8.

AWAC Rescue

February 8, 2009

Dream from the Lord:

I dreamed of fighter aircraft in the air above me. Numerous stealth aircraft.....more than 20. They covered the sky and in the center of them was an AWAC plane......one that’s purpose is to refuel, navigate and collect Intel for the fighter jets. As I watched the sky, I knew that the battle had come to home soil. And as I watched the scene above me, they began to fly off in all directions. But, the AWAC craft was in trouble....it had lost its’ ability to fly......it nosed down and head for a crash landing. I kept looking for a sign that the plane had crashed, a noise, explosion, bright lights.....but none of these happened. So, I then decided to go to where it had gone down. It had been saved!!! It had landed on a giant air bag!! ***word of knowledge.....they knew that it was headed for a crash and so they had prepared to save it.



While dreaming one night God awoke me with one word echoing in my head..."dy-symmetrical". I asked him what was the meaning of this word and he explained. God told me that when we dream from him, that our dreams content is dy-symmetrical. Meaning that ......our dreams have two meanings, but that neither of these meanings are independent from each other.....they parallel one another. Just as the Spirit world parallels the actual world, so too do our dreams. Time frames and occurances may be different, but they are still interrelated.