The Old World Market


   July 17, 2015
   Dream from the I Am:
   I dreamed that I was driving a car/truck and that “thugs” (word given through the Holy Spirit) were on the street....trying to cause havoc. I drove past them, but they “attempted” to approach my vehicle....then changed their minds...attempting to “frighten” me. I then turned a “corner” and exited the vehicle, I was now on foot and Max was with me; trailing behind fascinated with some of the things that we were “seeing”. I find myself now walking in an “open-air market”/venue. I enter a shop, a quaint older store...reminiscent of a previous era and definitely out of place...”forced” to do business here. The shop was necessary, but alone in its’ market. I feared for it, for the dangers around it were pervasive. I left the “shop” and walked outside into the market. The road/market streets were made of brick, an “old world” charm about us. I noticed a young, heavy-set white male in a white button down shirt and an apron around his waist. This young man was preparing tables to serve a “special event”. I heard a noise from behind me and looked to find a performer setting up with his guitar. ....preparing to entertain. Turning back to the waiter and his table, I noticed a white man believed to be in his fifties sitting at this “table”. (he wears glasses, a slight hefty appearance, a “badge” around his neck, he sports a radio in one hand and possibly a gun on his waist). I holler for Max to come on, and then looking back at the table, I tell the man and his waiter, “You MUST be is dangerous out here!” The man nods his head in affirmation and I then awaken.

Event: July 20, 2015ç_bombing

Driving a car = traveling on your road of purpose
"thugs" (word of knowledge) = violent criminals
there will be an "attempt" by these violent ones to approach me personally
turning a corner = purposed direction shift
"exiting the vehicle" = you have reached your purposed destination
Max, my son, is with me = often means that Max is "seeing" the same event to come
Open air market/venue = Amara Cultural Centre
"shop" forced to do business here = Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), Youth Wing and the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF)
"to do business here" = the groups offering of a press statement on the groups planned trip to rebuild the town of Kobani on the Syrian border (Kobani was under siege by the Islamic State of Iraq & Levant/ISIL forces)
"young heavy set 'white' male" = this will be one in attendance, maybe a victim, but definitely one that is serving God/Allah
the "table" = is figurative and denotes a service to God/Allah
the "white man sitting at the table" = obviously someone who is in law enforcement of some kind, maybe an intelligence officer, someone who may have had a "preconceived" concern for this event.

Ex-White House Chef found Dead/ISIS Releases Execution Videos

   June 22, 2015
   Dream from the I Am:
   I am shown driving a car in a rocky, plateaued area......a very rough and steep place. I am told to, “Let go of the car.” I am then taken by the Spirit of God and sent flying over these plateaus and canyons (it seems like quite a distance). I am then shown the site of an “accident”...the “color black” at the scene.
   White House ex-Executive Chef, Walter Scheib, then is there before me, standing behind a counter and asking me, “How do you say ‘cute’ in Spanish?”
   Second half of dream.....
   Man seen in bondage, heavy chains crossing his chest.....screaming out in pain or anger?? ......grenade in his hand, his trashing causes him to “pull the pin”....explosion happens, outcome not “seen”.


2013 Luxor, Egypt Hot Air Balloon Disaster

   February 17, 2013
   Dream from the I Am:
   In this dream the Lord showed me many “blimps” in the sky....and many “heads were looking up at them. But, there was a “storm” in the sky, bad “weather” from above....all of a sudden a tail wind hits the “blimp” and it then begins to fall from the sky in a crash and explosion.
   February 23, 2013
   Hot Air Balloon crash in Luxor, Egypt
   19 dead...”the deadliest ballooning disaster in history”

*Note: sometimes the information that the Spirit gives to us, is either interfered with by the flesh or it is given in too much detail for the "human mind" to grasp fully, thus is the case which, God shows these balloons as "blimps"......a linking this accident with factors that contributed to the Hindenburg Disaster.


Massive "Intel" Failure

All Intel Systems Fail!

January 25, 2015
Dream from the I Am:

Massive “Intel” failure!!! Systems down......all banking systems stall and fail.....not able to “pick up” signals. Many watch anxiously. Some leave before the problem can be fixed.


April 2015 -China breeches Federal Data Bases http://


Benghazi 2012

March 10, 2011
Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of a very angry family of a “retired” military officer...a “pilot”. He had control of a “vehicle” (shown as an aircraft). This officer was at a “stand off” with the government. At the end of this show down, he ends up “falling” from the height. The official report claims he is dead from an “accident”...BUT, there is an unlawful cover up on the details of his death. His family demands answers and justice.

September 11, 2012
Benghazi Attacked
   *Glen Doherty
   US Navy SEAL, Petty Officer First Class
   Obtained pilot’s license prior to active service record
   SO: Shannon Shepherd 

Masses of Birds, Fish and Cattle Dead!

May 28, 2010
Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed from the Lord last night. In this dream I am walking a road with an angels on either side of me. The road we are on is heavily damaged. The bridges and overpasses destroyed. The two angelic hosts flanking me, pointed upward and told me to look in that direction. Directly above our heads were three beings. These creatures had the bodies of a lion with wings upon their bodies. The wings appeared to be angelic or that of eagles...unsure. Each of these creatures held a “human form” in their grasp.....their feet the talons of eagles...or some bird of prey. The forms they held were gaunt, pale and horrifying. The creatures and their captives flew in circles above our heads. The Holy Spirit then proclaimed, “I am sending in the Destroying Angel....tell them that he IS coming!” I began to proclaim the Lord’s message and head away from the site....the “Destroying Angel’s” destination. I noticed some of my family were walking the “wrong-way” .......heading the “wrong” direction. (I tried to turn them around)

Interpretation: The infrastructure destroyed; routes of transportation halted= results of war and natural disasters. The gaunt human forms represent WAR, FAMINE  & DISEASE 

Even though these events were recorded official verdict explains their mass deaths......I believe they were a foreshadowing of things to come.....a testimony that the power of life and death is in the hands of our Father.



Rival Biker Gangs Brawl in Waco

May 7, 2014
Dream from the I Am:
I dream of a group of men....they look like motorcycle enthusiasts. Most of these men are dressed as such....i.e. leather and many tattoos. One man is pointed out to me, he is large and has a shaved head. All these men are at some sort of gathering. This gathering has many snakes in it (this may be actual or figurative). These men are brazen and flippant about these snakes. There is a “pit” surrounding these snakes and these men put their “hands” and their “mouths” into the pit. They are laughing and joking about the “snakes”....BUT, the snakes begin to strike them in their loud mouths!


May 17, 2015

Nine dead after bikers brawl in Waco, TX


Crash Near the Space Needle

October 10, 2013
Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed from the Lord last night. In this dream I am observing a aviation crash....I see this aircraft flying low and aim towards the ground. I begin to run towards it...but, I am injured run is halting. I do finally reach the crash site and there on the “ground” are two bodies in the wreckage. There is air plane fuel everywhere. I run up and “pull” a female out of the dangers of the fuel, and get her safely away. *It is then that I notice water around the crash site.

March 18, 2014
Two killed in helicopter crash near the Space Needle


Ebony Wilkerson attempts to drown her Children

August 8, 2012
Dream from the I Am:
I am observing a black woman...dark skinned. The woman has taken her children to the water’s edge to drown them. I feel her terror, she is panic stricken....VERY frightened (her terror almost chokes is that powerful). She grabs one of her children...maybe a boy and takes him further out into the water....away from me and the “others”. I am watching and feeling so wanting to save these children. I know the mother is far gone to help, to save her. They have gone under the I keep watching the surface to see if there are signs of life. I turn my attention back to the others order to pull them from the water.

March 11, 2014
Ebony Wilkerson drives her van with her three children into the Atlantic Ocean from Daytona Beach.....Tim Tessener and others save her and the children from the water.


Senior AQAP Leader Killed in Drone Strike

March 3, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

There is an explosion and then a "crash"......the driver "high profile". The event is watched from "a far".....Then from a drone comes a "bird's eye view". They gather the remains and keep them "underground"....then they are released to authorities. ....they want verification that the assailant is dead.


April 21, 2015

Senior AQAP leader Nasar Ibn Ali al-Ansi killed in "drone strike"


Gabby Gifford's Assassination Attempt

Dream from the I Am:

January 12, 2008

I was just outside a restaurant and there was someone walking beside me. “She pointed out something shining from the bush/hedges. I turned my head just slightly, enough to see what she was pointing was exactly then that I heard and then felt a shot enter my head.......I was shot in the left occipital region. There was not much awareness of pain, but I noticed that my vision tunneled in....and I lost my ability to speak.

Event: January 8, 2011

Attempt made to assasinate Representative Gabriele Gifford outside shopping center in Tucson, Arizona.


Malaysian Flight Disappears

October 12, 2013

Dream from the I Am:
I am observing a commercial plane as it flies into my line of sight........its' colors red, white and then TURNS and changes direction. As I am watching it fly, something happens to the tail of the twists and comes off....the plane heads “downward” in a crash. “The outcome not seen”.

Event: March 8, 2014

Malaysian plane disappears after changing directions....some 370 passengers disappear. I felt the pilot’s need to show me/the world what he was going to do....I do feel this crash/disappearance was planned.


Asian Flight 214 crashes at Landing

APRIL 20, 2013

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of a commercial was shaped/painted like it was the "family hearse"...the family car. I got in it to start it......but, the engine had lost power....crash was immediate.

Event: July 13, 2013

Asian flight 214 crashes in Florida. ......engine stalls at landing.....flying "significantly below target speed".


Michelle Knight, Immigration, Yazidi Kurds and New Town Connecticut

* The month of December of 2012.... was a period of great Spiritual insight.....the rescue of kidnapped victim Michelle Knight(5-6-13), illegal “Detainee” yards for immigration(6/2014), Yazidi’s Kurds refugee’s on Mt. Sin jar(8/2014), and the New Town Connecticut Massacre(12-14-12)

December 7, 2012

Dream from the I Am;
Very strange and fragmented dreams last night.
1st part:
I am inside a taxi cab service and following behind someone. This cab service is in the United States, but is ran by the Mexican mafia/cartel. I am taken into the main operating building. There in the building I observe a man, his ethnicity is Mexican. He is a very sick man. He is widely feared and in complete control of operations. In the room that I observe are many cubicles, each with its’ own short partition. Every cubicle has its’own scales and equipment to “cut drugs”. I watch as young teenage boys.....all illegal aliens, get up and head to their cubicles for their shifts.
It is at this point that I notice a young woman standing beside one of the vehicles. Her back is to me, so I am unable to see her face. I do see her is long, golden in color and pulled back into a pony tail (very curly). When she sees the “boss man” in the room, she begins to shake violently...she is TERRIFIED of this man. I then watch as she is made to get into a metal “job box” that maybe a welder would use. Kidnapping? EVENT: May 6, 2013
*At this point I realize that I am in grave danger. My thoughts keep racing through my head....”they are going to kill me! I am dead! I KNOW too much!”. I suddenly realize that they either haven’t realized that I am there, or that I am simply an “observer”.
I start to head towards a door....all the time backing towards it. I have to keep my eyes on them. I open the door and step out.
No one pursued me or chased me, but I felt the danger still.

*this part is further fragmented
I run through several “different” places:
The “Detainee Yard” ....there were many “criminals” around. I asked for help to get out, but no one would help me. I was then approached by two agents (Federal or Border Patrol), both acted as if they would help me, but they were both crooked/false. EVENT: June 2014

Now I was in a mountain with many people hiding among the rocks...needing help. EVENT: August 2014

 I exit the final door and I am suddenly on a grassy lawn area. I sense danger ALL around. I keep feeling like someone is trying to kill me.....”they are after me!”. I realize that I MUST find cover. I see a bank of shrubs. I run and duck down behind them, but they were not very tall, and there was not much leaf coverage to hide me. I kept thinking...”I’m too big, I’m too tall!” It is then that I see the Gardner coming by to fertilize the shrubs. He sees me and asks, “Do you need help?” I shake my head yes, and then ask him where I am...He replies, “Connecticut......You are in Connecticut.” I then wake up.


December 14, 2012




*It is important to note that we can not always stop events, but we can earnestly pray for those events God has shown us .....and often change some of the outcome. God in prophecy does not give dates and times, but will expect us to "take a knee" on behalf of his children.