Clear Vision

Jul. 21, 2016

No secret that I believe Trump to have some serious "pathology" ...and I am trying not to let this fact change the way I view my friends that "follow" him. (although it is reminiscent of Nazi, Germany..lacking many founding facts) So, I will continue to believe that there is still intelligence and strength AND HONOR in those "friends" of mine that choose his ticket.
BUT, if ANYONE burns the American Flag I am enraged and disgusted!!! It always hits me the same way when I see protesters harm our beautiful flag; it is a direct and unexpected punch to the face. What in the world does this represent? That you can click a lighter? Many have died due to that "strength". That fabric burns...almost ALL fabrics due! This is ignorance at its' finest...this defiling of a patriot flag....AND THIS IS WHY....
As I drove down I-40 yesterday, I noticed the many gorgeous flags at half-mast in support of the recent police assassinations that have taken place. I was overwhelmed with emotion and grateful for the visualization that brought me in to agreement with our grieving nation. It is a 'bowing of the head' and a simple and gracious act of humility to see Glory at half height. It as if the King himself has bowed his head in honor of those who fight for the weak and the strong. An acknowledgment of approval and honor for those who are fighting against injustices that target mankind....for She is a Nation built on the defense of inalienable rights. It is a reminder that our Nation was built upon the lives of those lost fighting for this FREEDOM. Glory represents not only STRENGTH, but servitude and sacrifice. She has done her best to represent THE BEST in us....the heart of Our Father represented in her CONSTITUTION. Now, I ask you, ARE YOU representing the best in you? Is the heart of the Father displayed in your constitution? We may think that supporting one who claims he can "make America great again" is just a mere check on a piece of paper...BUT, we know this is FAR from transparency. PLEASE know that there is a great chasm in distance between what one promises and what one may deliver. I ask you all to bow your head as Glory has done. To give honor where HONOR is due. But, most of all, I ask that you SEEK THE ONE AND ONLY GOD and then VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.
I fear NOT what will happen if the one without honor sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for God has written the end to our BOOK, and so my heart will waiver not.But for those whose confidence the Lord does not have, this will bring great turmoil and fear to their hearts...and torture is NOT what my Father subscribes to. I love you all.

Jul. 16, 2016

When is it EVER honorable to God to take a life? Does the killing of another created being bring praise to our Lord? I have set in silence and watched and heard some of the most asinine statements coming out of tragedies, AND, while I sat in silence my Spirit screamed for the relief of Truth. Please understand this...IF YOU are going to talk for God, make sure you have solid confidence that what you will say will line up completely in the Word of God. To promote something out of context or to even attempt to solidify your speech with "scripture" that does not exist, brings utter shame to the Father, and ultimately to your very head.
The shooter in Dallas is no more a hero than the countless terrorist that have taken countless lives. When did the answer to violence become "more violence"??? Even WISDOM steps out of the room for this one. NOT ONE of you has the corner on suffering. WHO ARE you to say your suffering is more intense than your fellow man? We are ALL who have fallen short of what HE has asked of us, and we are ALL who have faced "injustices". Speaking TRUTH does not take away from the validity of your feelings...BUT, simply puts responsibility back on our own shoulders. There is not one person on the face of this planet who has not faced racism, and or has not entertained racism in their thoughts. YES, even this white girl has felt the sting of rejection from her brothers and sisters of color....ALL COLORS. I was once accused of being prejudice against an American Indian co-worker...(me with a husband that was American Indian and his child). I know my views of my brothers and sisters was given me from the Holy Spirit, but my mother and father did the best they could to exemplify the right behaviors before me that also promoted acceptance of all men. Racial tension BEGINs in the home. PERIOD. It IS a divisive culture promoted by fathers and mothers....a spirit that seeks to keep divisions alive. IF YOU find yourself divisive...then you must ask yourself what it feels like to be used of your father the Devil. There is nothing in that culture of division that brings glory to our heavenly Father. IF YOU CHOOSE to serve God than you MUST CHOOSE to serve man. PEACE WILL COME when we lean in the RIGHT direction....always seek WISDOM''s rule. I love you all. 

Mar. 29, 2016

March 29, 2016

I was reminded yesterday while in conversation with some more of our "elite" scientific community...those that profess to be either atheist or agnostic....that there is so much anger when "they" do not have all the answers to support "their" scientific theories. I do not profess to be in the "elite" category, but do know a thing or two about scientific method. When you engage in a "theory" ...there must be a basis for your assertion...NOT just simple conjecture. When testing this "theory", all sides of the equation MUST BE considered. If you exclude any possibilities then you limit your result. A flawed methodology yields a FLAWED result. When you ask these "scientists" if time preceded the "Big Bang" ....they refuse to answer. Then if you ask them HOW time came to exist....they refuse to answer. BUT, they WILL begin to call you names, attempt to offend in any way they can...anything really to take the focus off the fact that they DO NOT have all the answers. GREAT men of science embraced the belief in a Creator only after observing His Science. These men found all they sought in this life; was met in a Savior based God. I believe most of them sought to deny him...but, after time spent in study of his creation...they could NO LONGER deny him his place in the universe or in their own lives. If you too run into these conversations...use this platform wisely. Do NOT attempt to sway another to your side of the coin, simply attempt to interject Truth when applicable and let God do the rest. AND WHAT EVER you do....DO NOT become offended....this is the Devil getting his attempted do. Love you all. Keep fighting for the Truth.

Oct. 29, 2015

July 2, 2015
Ezekiel 34:17-19
How many times did we hear of God saying, “Remove your shoes, that which you stand upon is Holy ground.” Your shoes carry with you the “evidence” of the places you have trod...the corruption you have moved within; that which would separate you from the Holiness of God’s presence. There are frequent laws in the Old Testament concerning an avoidance of those things considered vile or tainted....corrupted. At the time of exposure, one would present him or herself to the priest and he would atone for their sin (the act of touching the corrupted) through sacrifice before God.
What is God speaking of when He talks about the “fat sheep” eating their fill and “crushing” the reeds of grass, drinking from the spring, yet muddying the water for the others to drink? He is talking of our daily interactions with this life we have been given and how these situations often “corrupt” or taint our witness as a Church. Jesus is quick to admonish us here when he spoke of “causing a little one to stumble”. His reference to “little ones refers to those spiritually infants or children; the immature in Christ.
The Spirit discerns the source of all things; whether from light or dark, BUT to the young in Christ this discernment does not come easy. To those mature in Christ”all things are permitted”...this is the “freedom” that God speaks of, BUT, not all things are beneficial to the whole. To partake in something that “raises the eyebrow” can cause a young one to stumble. I believe this is understanding the FULLNESS of God’s grace, yet seeing the humility in obedience and knowing that your leadership is RIPE in your witness.

Some meat to chew on...Love you all.

Apr. 30, 2015

Day 3

Why the detour on the road to “Destiny”?

It’s too bad that we are not born with our character fully developed. Why must we walk down some “detour roads” in order to develop our depth of character and morality? Jesus speaks to this when he used the parable of The Sower in the New Testament writings. In Matthew 13:5-6....the farmer sowing, scattered seed across the ground ......and some fell on rocky soil where there was little depth of earth; the plants sprang up quickly, but the “hot sun” soon scorched them and they withered and died.....for they had so little root.

The detours we take, whether our choosing or the choices of others (as in Joseph’s case), are utilized by our Father to bring out the qualities that will benefit our destiny. Without these “trecks around the mountain”.....we would never come into a realization that we NEED our Father to guide us. But, as in Joseph’s case as well as yours, your Father has not stepped that your steps are not “ordered of the Lord”. Each step you take has been ordered of the Father, in order that, your purpose is finite.

We walk the roads that we travel without always seeing God’s footprints. It is very hard to imagine that God could allow pain to be apart of our journey...that He would deem it even necessary for growth. How can the seed know that the pain it feels in the “stretching”, is necessary as the root deepens. The root MUST have depth in order to find the sweet spot of moisture....the rain....the Spirit. When you feel the pain of the stretch, KNOW you are in for a long drink of water.....there’s POWER backing that drink!