Aug. 25, 2022

It is your RIGHT to remain ILL

August 25, 2022


I spent yesterday talking about how you can want the absolute very best for someone...YET, they can't get past "self" to want the same in return for you.
HERE is the conclusion 'we' came to:

As in love (who is the Father, and is of the Father), we can be hindered by another's "free will". For instance, the Bible (or the Flesh of God) states that ALL have been made whole by the power, death and resurrection of The Divine Human (Jesus Christ). Yet, we often see people lonely, sick and some... even dying. WHY???
Because, as with all things written into the unmovable fabric of God's Kingdom (this includes all universes) the law of Free Will can not be revoked. I can offer you love, but you... by choice, you can refuse it. God can offer wholeness, but you by choice, can deny it. HE can offer you (and HAS offered you) complete healing....a removal of all 'cancers' that affect your core being. But, yet again, you can refuse this gift.
Where are you incomplete? What is it you have asked for, but thus far have been denied??? Where in this equation did you exert your Free Will? Did you refuse another's love? Love IS WHOLENESS. Truth.