Mar. 14, 2018

My Atheist

To Those I Love (who deny God),

Out of my immense love for you, I have stayed respectful in your choice to believe what you choose to believe. I know that interfering in your "quest" to remain "untainted" by Christian blood, would not benefit either I or you. I have sat quietly and not interjected my thoughts, when you have at times, shouted your disbelief in a Creator.  I have looked the other way when you have, in fact, ridiculed my beliefs. You know this to be fact, that I respect your "right" to be "unjustified" and sometimes undignified in your "beliefs". I have even heard the unspoken requests to pray for your hearts hopes and concerns, and rejoiced with you WHEN they were given you. So now, I ask you to sit still and listen with the same respect I have shown you all these years. LISTEN and hear me for my Father has said, "Speak now." and so, I will. 
You are struggling and "God" has seen this. Your Father has seen your plight, your anguish and your fears. He has waited patiently while you have denied him. He has tempered your anger at this "thing" you choose not to embrace. He has cried with you and laughed with you, and sometimes, at the very jokes that were about him, and this "thing" some have labeled Religion. He has witnessed you embrace the concept of Time and Seasons, but deny that HE authored them. He and his Spirit/"She" (an argument that many on my side will be unable to handle ...."He created them both male and female in His IMAGE"), have expressed the same excitement with you when you uncovered the mysteries of His galaxy(galaxies). Like any GOOD Father he has experienced Life by your side. 
Because now that you are struggling to find peace and keep "the peace" in your home, HE is longing to help you. This pride you hang on to only makes you weak and ineffectual. You are moving, but it is simply to chase your own tail. Let me ask you, would you want for those you love to have the best this life can offer them? Would you want for them peace, love and security? Would you admit "defeat" if it meant you would win for them these 3 things??? What if, admitting defeat would actually cause you victory? I will leave these questions for you to mull over, to hopefully find answers to.  I would add only this bit of fact, It is easier to navigate around the serpent IF YOU FIRST do not deny he exists. 
*****I love you all. The days are darker still and the Father NEVER leaves your side, regardless the depth of the ride.