Apr. 23, 2017

Are you a Trophy Maker???

You have an enemy that pursues you. You are running the fastest and surest pace you can muster. You run into an even greater obstacle when you reach the end of land, and there before you stands a body of water.
You look back over your shoulder and see that your pursuer is closer, so close you can hear the ground under his feet. You look forward and dive in without hesitation. You begin to swim for your life, your goal to reach the other shore and put distance between him and you.
Suddenly, you begin to hear splashes from all around. Looking to the side you see what has made this commotion in the water. Now you have another even greater enemy that has targeted you and this ones swims better than YOU! This enemy has been alive for ages, and has always swam; this is its' strength. Is this the end? How can you possibly swim against these crocodiles?
Now, real fear sets in. This fear causes your adrenaline to flow faster and you kick into overdrive. Your vision more atuned, you suddenly see that you are not alone in your struggle, and that there are others fighting to get across these dangerous waters. Some are overcome by the currents, some are struggling with their enemy within the water, and even more, have made it to shore; this spurs you onward.
You finally reach the opposite shoreline and struggle through the sand. You are exhausted from the fight, but elated that you have reached safety. Gratefulness pours from your soul and tears of relief come. As you begin to catch your breath, you notice that some have swam back to the other bank. Strangely enough most have conquered their foes from the water and have drug them along upon the bank. Many have begun to skin the hide from their croc's. But, NONE are aware that their initial enemy still lies in wait for them.
*****In this life you will find struggles that seem overwhelming. It is consistent for all those that are called by God. AND, we are ALL "called" to a purpose greater than our minds can reach. Can you conquer the wind without first collecting it?? Wisdom, strength and fortitude is necessary to begin your conquering...YOU must have direction before collecting the wind. Will your struggle conquer you or will you conquer it? AND, once you have survived the "struggle", will you move forward and reach the opposite shore? OR WILL you, do as many have done and let the struggle take you backwards, allowing you to make trophies of your PAIN??? The Enemy to your soul has an advantage over the "trophy Maker", for while you are skinning your "enemy", he has you cornered, and unaware of his "device"...for you see, HE trained the crocodile.
Move on and up. Trophy Makers are IDOL makers. Truth. I love you all.