Dec. 20, 2016

Of Love. Of Humility. Of Honor.

December 19, 2016

I asked a question yesterday on why we feel we need to, or even want to wear crosses/crucifixions and why we often display them in our homes. Some responded with some great reasons. Others set that question out. It wasn't a trick question or one to point to supposed error. There was no right or wrong response, we all have our feelings on the subject, whether abject passion or scorn we HAVE an opinion.
As God has placed me in the position I now hold, I have a very wide cross section of "American" people that I serve. I seem to draw those that feel alone to my side. I think this comes from years of "feeling" alone and as an outcast to some. (Our outward appearance is not all that influences our state of mind.) I see true beauty everyday that does NOT recognize itself. I have known some of the most beautiful women and men who recognize themselves for only their outer appearance. AND, amazingly see themselves as truly "ugly". I have known them to reach for the worst things in life to fulfill the void they experience within.
So, I have become very observant of my surroundings and those within my direct line of influence. I watch people. I observe their feelings as they cross the facade of their faces. I see so many things that either propel me to smile or pray. I observe discontent, elation, dis-connectivity, despondency, fear, pain and distrust. I rarely see the upswing in moods, there are those special few people that are just filled to overflowing with joy. No matter what they seem to find the oxygen in the room...and I love to lose my breath over their happiness!
But, lately I have seen so much skepticism and distrust towards our fellow men and women. It is maybe not a cross that "bleeds" contempt towards our brothers and sisters, but a simple piece of cloth. A guest enters the room with a hijab and the temperature drops by 30 degrees. There are stares, whispered comments and a quietness falls on the ears. I attempt to overcome this silent aggression with a genuine smile and greeting. Most often I encounter eyes that are heavy with concern and undoubtedly fear. They grab on to my greeting like a life line, as one in need of acceptance and most assuredly safety. Do they have the RIGHT to wear what they feel HONORS God as we well do when we wear or display our crosses??? Of course they do, and they deserve no more condemnation than we do for what another has done in the "name of religion". KNOW GOD HATES the word and meaning of RELIGION. We are a people based of faith and the ability to proclaim and practice those things we believe honor God. DO NOT hang me because my forefathers of "RELIGION" murdered countless heretics that knew more about TRUE Faith than they would ever hope to. Quit the deceptive thought that Americans are of Anglo-Saxon heritage ...this is TRULY a lie from HELL. We are a Nation of immigrants who sought refuge from oppression and the RIGHT to practice what we BELIEVE IS RIGHT. My TRUE SISTER wears a hijab and I call her LOVE. I love you all. xo