Jul. 21, 2016

A Flag and Her Constitution...(who are you really burning)

No secret that I believe Trump to have some serious "pathology" ...and I am trying not to let this fact change the way I view my friends that "follow" him. (although it is reminiscent of Nazi, Germany..lacking many founding facts) So, I will continue to believe that there is still intelligence and strength AND HONOR in those "friends" of mine that choose his ticket.
BUT, if ANYONE burns the American Flag I am enraged and disgusted!!! It always hits me the same way when I see protesters harm our beautiful flag; it is a direct and unexpected punch to the face. What in the world does this represent? That you can click a lighter? Many have died due to that "strength". That fabric burns...almost ALL fabrics due! This is ignorance at its' finest...this defiling of a patriot flag....AND THIS IS WHY....
As I drove down I-40 yesterday, I noticed the many gorgeous flags at half-mast in support of the recent police assassinations that have taken place. I was overwhelmed with emotion and grateful for the visualization that brought me in to agreement with our grieving nation. It is a 'bowing of the head' and a simple and gracious act of humility to see Glory at half height. It as if the King himself has bowed his head in honor of those who fight for the weak and the strong. An acknowledgment of approval and honor for those who are fighting against injustices that target mankind....for She is a Nation built on the defense of inalienable rights. It is a reminder that our Nation was built upon the lives of those lost fighting for this FREEDOM. Glory represents not only STRENGTH, but servitude and sacrifice. She has done her best to represent THE BEST in us....the heart of Our Father represented in her CONSTITUTION. Now, I ask you, ARE YOU representing the best in you? Is the heart of the Father displayed in your constitution? We may think that supporting one who claims he can "make America great again" is just a mere check on a piece of paper...BUT, we know this is FAR from transparency. PLEASE know that there is a great chasm in distance between what one promises and what one may deliver. I ask you all to bow your head as Glory has done. To give honor where HONOR is due. But, most of all, I ask that you SEEK THE ONE AND ONLY GOD and then ...to VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.
I fear NOT what will happen if the one without honor sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for God has written the end to our BOOK, and so my heart will waiver not.But for those whose confidence the Lord does not have, this will bring great turmoil and fear to their hearts...and torture is NOT what my Father subscribes to. I love you all.