Jul. 16, 2016

Martyr or Murderer?

When is it EVER honorable to God to take a life? Does the killing of another created being bring praise to our Lord? I have set in silence and watched and heard some of the most asinine statements coming out of tragedies, AND, while I sat in silence my Spirit screamed for the relief of Truth. Please understand this...IF YOU are going to talk for God, make sure you have solid confidence that what you will say will line up completely in the Word of God. To promote something out of context or to even attempt to solidify your speech with "scripture" that does not exist, brings utter shame to the Father, and ultimately to your very head.
The shooter in Dallas is no more a hero than the countless terrorist that have taken countless lives. When did the answer to violence become "more violence"??? Even WISDOM steps out of the room for this one. NOT ONE of you has the corner on suffering. WHO ARE you to say your suffering is more intense than your fellow man? We are ALL who have fallen short of what HE has asked of us, and we are ALL who have faced "injustices". Speaking TRUTH does not take away from the validity of your feelings...BUT, simply puts responsibility back on our own shoulders. There is not one person on the face of this planet who has not faced racism, and or has not entertained racism in their thoughts. YES, even this white girl has felt the sting of rejection from her brothers and sisters of color....ALL COLORS. I was once accused of being prejudice against an American Indian co-worker...(me with a husband that was American Indian and his child). I know my views of my brothers and sisters was given me from the Holy Spirit, but my mother and father did the best they could to exemplify the right behaviors before me that also promoted acceptance of all men. Racial tension BEGINs in the home. PERIOD. It IS a divisive culture promoted by fathers and mothers....a spirit that seeks to keep divisions alive. IF YOU find yourself divisive...then you must ask yourself what it feels like to be used of your father the Devil. There is nothing in that culture of division that brings glory to our heavenly Father. IF YOU CHOOSE to serve God than you MUST CHOOSE to serve man. PEACE WILL COME when we lean in the RIGHT direction....always seek WISDOM''s rule. I love you all.