Mar. 29, 2016

The God of Science

March 29, 2016

I was reminded yesterday while in conversation with some more of our "elite" scientific community...those that profess to be either atheist or agnostic....that there is so much anger when "they" do not have all the answers to support "their" scientific theories. I do not profess to be in the "elite" category, but do know a thing or two about scientific method. When you engage in a "theory" ...there must be a basis for your assertion...NOT just simple conjecture. When testing this "theory", all sides of the equation MUST BE considered. If you exclude any possibilities then you limit your result. A flawed methodology yields a FLAWED result. When you ask these "scientists" if time preceded the "Big Bang" ....they refuse to answer. Then if you ask them HOW time came to exist....they refuse to answer. BUT, they WILL begin to call you names, attempt to offend in any way they can...anything really to take the focus off the fact that they DO NOT have all the answers. GREAT men of science embraced the belief in a Creator only after observing His Science. These men found all they sought in this life; was met in a Savior based God. I believe most of them sought to deny him...but, after time spent in study of his creation...they could NO LONGER deny him his place in the universe or in their own lives. If you too run into these conversations...use this platform wisely. Do NOT attempt to sway another to your side of the coin, simply attempt to interject Truth when applicable and let God do the rest. AND WHAT EVER you do....DO NOT become offended....this is the Devil getting his attempted do. Love you all. Keep fighting for the Truth.