Oct. 29, 2015

This Fat Sheep Has turned Vegan!

July 2, 2015
Ezekiel 34:17-19
How many times did we hear of God saying, “Remove your shoes, that which you stand upon is Holy ground.” Your shoes carry with you the “evidence” of the places you have trod...the corruption you have moved within; that which would separate you from the Holiness of God’s presence. There are frequent laws in the Old Testament concerning an avoidance of those things considered vile or tainted....corrupted. At the time of exposure, one would present him or herself to the priest and he would atone for their sin (the act of touching the corrupted) through sacrifice before God.
What is God speaking of when He talks about the “fat sheep” eating their fill and “crushing” the reeds of grass, drinking from the spring, yet muddying the water for the others to drink? He is talking of our daily interactions with this life we have been given and how these situations often “corrupt” or taint our witness as a Church. Jesus is quick to admonish us here when he spoke of “causing a little one to stumble”. His reference to “little ones refers to those spiritually infants or children; the immature in Christ.
The Spirit discerns the source of all things; whether from light or dark, BUT to the young in Christ this discernment does not come easy. To those mature in Christ”all things are permitted”...this is the “freedom” that God speaks of, BUT, not all things are beneficial to the whole. To partake in something that “raises the eyebrow” can cause a young one to stumble. I believe this is understanding the FULLNESS of God’s grace, yet seeing the humility in obedience and knowing that your leadership is RIPE in your witness.

Some meat to chew on...Love you all.