Apr. 30, 2015

Joseph - Day 3

Day 3

Why the detour on the road to “Destiny”?

It’s too bad that we are not born with our character fully developed. Why must we walk down some “detour roads” in order to develop our depth of character and morality? Jesus speaks to this when he used the parable of The Sower in the New Testament writings. In Matthew 13:5-6....the farmer sowing, scattered seed across the ground ......and some fell on rocky soil where there was little depth of earth; the plants sprang up quickly, but the “hot sun” soon scorched them and they withered and died.....for they had so little root.

The detours we take, whether our choosing or the choices of others (as in Joseph’s case), are utilized by our Father to bring out the qualities that will benefit our destiny. Without these “trecks around the mountain”.....we would never come into a realization that we NEED our Father to guide us. But, as in Joseph’s case as well as yours, your Father has not stepped aside...so that your steps are not “ordered of the Lord”. Each step you take has been ordered of the Father, in order that, your purpose is finite.

We walk the roads that we travel without always seeing God’s footprints. It is very hard to imagine that God could allow pain to be apart of our journey...that He would deem it even necessary for growth. How can the seed know that the pain it feels in the “stretching”, is necessary as the root deepens. The root MUST have depth in order to find the sweet spot of moisture....the rain....the Spirit. When you feel the pain of the stretch, KNOW you are in for a long drink of water.....there’s POWER backing that drink!