Apr. 28, 2015

Joseph - Day 2

Day 2

How do you find comfort at the bottom of the well?

I think one of the hardest things to grasp when you find yourself at the bottom of that dark, dank and lonely well.....is to realize that those you love are responsible. It is one thing to know you have a responsibility in an evil that has befallen you, and quit another to know you are simply in the place that the spirit of jealousy has taken you. The pain of scorn and rejection is no stranger to our Father and therefore we unfortunately will encounter it in this life. But, it is what we do when we find ourselves in the face of mockers that will determine whether you come out victorious or if bitterness will take root and bring forth destruction.

Not much is known about Joseph’s short time in that well, but I imagine that it did not seem short. I wonder if he yelled and pleaded for their help.....maybe he even recanted his dreams of the future. When we are there in that place of rejection and loneliness we will reach for anything just to be received again. “Oh that I had not shared what I received from my Father! Maybe, I did not hear Him correctly!” Have you been there? You would have stood in the face of God and acknowledged His direction, but let one jealous friend interject doubt into your thoughts, and there goes your faith.

Did the yelling and begging go on for ever or did silence and pain take over? Could Joseph hear his brother’s continued angst against him? How far were they sitting when they dined and discussed how they would receive nothing from his death, and that to sell him to the highest bidder would be the better decision? Not only did that pain overwhelm his senses, but he also was contending with an empty stomach. WOW! I bet you can relate to Joseph here and have been sitting at the bottom of your well, watching the very ones who threw you into it......set back and enjoy the luxury of a meal (discussing you at your expense).

Yes, the pain is blinding at times, but as you embrace this sorrow....something AMAZING is taking place in that belly of yours! At conception that seed began to grow and your child (purpose) was on its’ way. I believe that Joseph found the key to surviving his “well season” like many countless prisoners of war have. The thought that harbors safety and brings with it peace, is never about one’s self, but about the future of countless others that you will impact with your purpose! Joseph thought of his families future and it is here that God gives him clarity of vision, and his purpose to be a vessel of provision. Let your thoughts lose sight of you and place them squarely on your target. You can not lose this war! Your victory in this battle is sure....let God embrace you and your “child” growing within that womb. YES, man and woman of God, Joseph was pregnant and so are you! And it is in this process that you too can relate just how painful, yet infinitely rewarding BIRTH can be!