Apr. 25, 2015

Joseph - Day 1


Day 1

Was Joseph's gift a blessing or a curse?

Let us imagine that we have been given a dream from the Lord, one that denotes a blessing and a position of leadership.... one that supercedes those that are more "deserving" than you. For instance maybe you dream that you will be promoted to an executive position, but are currently the lowest employee on the totem in the office. Would the excitement of seeing such a delicious revelation prompt you to share it with your co-workers? Imagine how you surprise your boss, when you let them know that you will be moving into their office, AND they will soon be moving out! But truthfully, you are just excited at this act of grace and favor your Father is going to extend to you. It is all in the "sharing" of a revelation that may change what should be a blessing into more of a curse, and this is where our Joseph first went wrong. Joseph’s father extended unfounded favor toward’s him, and that favor might tend to make one feel warranted in the face of pride. God allowed Joseph’s trials in order to procure humility, and then subsequently promotion.

When God begins to reveal the wonderful things that he has in store for your life, many will not be willing to appreciate its' value in theirs' This is very unfortunate that we are often too narcissistic to be genuinely happy for another's great blessing. We like to think that we would be happy for family or even a close friend who had just lucked into a sizable fortune, but truthfully, we are feeling just a tad bit unsettled. We wonder why them and why not us; if they didn't deserve it- then it could have just as easily been our’s. Joseph's brothers felt the same way, in that they could not stomach the thought of their brother, the youngest of the lot, ruling over them.

Suffice it to say, that Jacob's favoritism of Joseph, laid pain and discontent to the heart of each of his other children. Maybe those older sons had witnessed a younger, and more rigid Jacob- one more prone to colorful remarks and less prone to the design of colorful coats. It is no surprise that age and maturity softens a man; brings him to a knowledge of his mortality. And when man is faced with the fact that he is no longer invincible- decisions, words and actions are weighed on a more precise scale. Then again, maybe Joseph was displaying an aptitude towards leadership at a young age. In Genesis chapter 37 Jacob asks Joseph to go and check on the progress of his older brothers and the flocks they were to attend. Whatever the cause, Joseph's brothers had begun to bleed contempt for their youngest sibling even before he revealed the prophecy that God had laid.

One of the key take-aways that God imparts to us in the story of Joseph, is that a revelation from God about our purpose, must remain under lock and key during the “conception” phase. For the Father purposes, and the Enemy moves immediately to abort; prior to birth. Even well meaning friends and family may thwart your “stepping out on the water. And, of course, Old Slue foot will throw every reason in your face that suggests you are “unworthy” of such a mission. This is where I turn the tables on him and detail truth.... My righteousness is not my own, but my Father’s (Romans 3:22), and since he (the enemy) is addressing royalty.....he must submit to me; not I to him. It is of little wonder that this is where he is quick to tuck tail and run.

Remember child of the Most High God that you have an advantage over all principalities and powers in the spirit realm, for you house the Spirit of the One True God! Your destiny of purpose is sure and God will guide you into it as we open ourself unto the Spirit. It is very important that your dreams are journaled and that you review and pray over these for clear interpretation. Be patient while you wait upon God for clarity; His timing is always infinitely perfect.