Apr. 24, 2015

Clear Vision




This blog is for those that need a clearer glimps into their future. For our future is always just beneath the subconscious....WAITING for us to unlock the mysteries of the Spirit realm. Within each of you is a spirit being that knows of all things to come. This Spirit will give us glimpses into this prospective state if we will but open our senses to its' leading.


The intention of this site, is to allow you to document dreams and to utilize discussion as a means to facilitate revelation. God gives the gift of the dream and therefore will also give the interpretation/revelation of the material formulated in the dream. Dreams are not a fragment of our imagination, a subtext of our consciousness, but a means for God to reveal to us clarity of vision and a mode of direction in our daily walk with Him.


I will also be revealing some dreams and their interpretations that God has given unto me. For you to understand the importance of this gift and its' effect in my life, I will attempt to lay some historical data concerning the beginning days of this seer.


My first knowledge of my gifting in the prophetic realm began after my baptism in the Holy Spirit. in the year 2000. (And it must be noted that I was a VERY reluctant recruit in this baptismal...having determined that I would not "act a fool" like those "spirit-filled" believers in my local congregation.....our Father has an amazing sense of humor!) I believe that my "awareness" of this prophetic gift began following that event, but in actuality may have begun as early as age 6. I remember clearly dreaming very vivid dreams and sleep walking from my home, traveling several blocks on very busy streets in the dead of night. These very frightening and clearly, unsafe trips would often end with me ringing the doorbell of a neighbor, which then would awaken me. After several like encounters, my parents decided it would be best if they had a deadbolt and chain installed on all doors of our homes.


Knowing what I am now aware of.... of the depth and often bizarre graphic symbolism that our Father can sometimes use.... it is of no surprise that having such a gift could be very traumatizing to a young mind. I believe that this is why I only recall very few details of those early dreams. I am the mother of seven children and six of which have also inherited this same gift, with my youngest having first revealed his gift at the age of three. (Max's first prophetic dream was to tell me, what I had dreamed that very night prior!)


It is imperative that with each dream you attempt to document its' details as quickly as you awaken... for often the "message" is in the details. You must also realize that not all dreams will you have "interpretation" to immediately. There are dreams that I have had well over 5 years, that full interpretation was not revealed until God saw fit to explain..... His timing is always perfection. It is crucial that you also know that I can only do what I am directed to do, and will only give interpretation that God has directed me in. Please also note that this site will have content on it that may be disturbing to a young mind. Please make sure that your children are not allowed to view its' content.