A Knife to the Youthful Heart.

April 8, 2017

Dream from the I Am:

There are young men in a school; possibly early twenties. I feel like there is an event occurring this evening. They are running among the dark halls and one takes himself up a flight of stairs. They are here to do evil. One of them stops in their tracks when he sees me "watching" them, but then just as quickly mounts the stairs for his assault. A performance, a graduation or preparation for the coming day??? I attempt to warn those in charge that there is an evil plan in the making. The authorities open the "door" and I shout at them, "There are men In here!"

God help us prevent this tragedy.

"Target's in Sight"

January 16, 2017

Dream from the I Am:

I find myself in a travel trailer or RV with a "woman". She has stopped her vehicle and is sitting in a "high traffic" area. (this could be a major highway or bridge) She "appears" to have a flat tire; one of her back tires appears to be flat. The woman light skinned and heavier in weight.
There is a man in a black pickup that has stopped to help and pulls out an air hose from his truck. This is not received well by the woman in the RV/trailer. As this is happening, a black helicopter flies around the stopped vehicle. In it is a man that has a high powered rifle and is intently looking within the stalled trailer. She looks at me and informs me that she wants to move her location and she heads "down" the road. We discuss where she would like to move to, but there is one in "attendance" who details that the "west coast" is not acceptable. (He has displayed this with placing X's over each state bordering the west coastline. Now the attention is drawn to the other side of the map and the east coast is "looked upon" and considered. He tells her that he will start negotiations with the east coast and see if he may establish a site there. The "woman" then speaks up and asks, "What about Norman as a possible site?" (a warning to me)

PURPOSED or accidental Poisoning???

October 31, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

Some caustic solution is inhaled or swallowed, the noxious agent burning the esophagus of the young individual that took it in. The fumes so strong the smell is detected before the taste. I am crying now for the burning will not stop. I try to get the adults attention, and finally one comes to my side. There is first doubt that this is "true", but then they remove the chewing gum from my mouth and the strong odor of the inhalant is still evidenced there. You can STILL smell the evidence of this solvent on straw and gum. 

End of Watch- MOVED to Prophecy & Event III


 October 25, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

There is one selling empty bonds...One who envisioned a uniform in blue...who has set his "scope" on all public servants... both the YELLOW and the blue....NOT even the "shepard" is safe...losing the safety of his home; brought to hell....a new.

Scalia and Ginsburg Reunite

October 12, 2016


Dream from the I Am:

Justice Ginsberg reunited with Justice Scalia joyful conversation ensues: her "shift" leaves a chair open .... a "woman" is poised to take her place. 

To Fall From the Arch

September 30, 2016

Dream from the I Am: 

***Additional Detail Revealed***

Forgotten detail from the prophecy from the Lord on 09-30-16
I see the St. Louis Arch and I am "somehow" on it...I reach the peak of the Arch and then begin to "slide/ride" down. I am scared that I will die, but my feet hit the "water" and I am safe.

***Does this mean there will be damage to the "Arch"??? Am I seeing as one there when this "damage" happens??

Syria's Cage..."she is suffocating!"- MOVED to Prophecy & Event III

October 1, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I walk into a room with many "children" busy upon their "games", phones, "internet devices". I come upon a bird cage. It is small and dirty without much room for a living thing. At first I believe the "cage" is empty. How could anything "live" in this destruction? And, as I examine it closer, I see the "bird" among the destruction. She has been forgotten. The cage itself a prison, and if this was not enough "pain" for her...the "cage" was enclosed within a zip-lock bag. "Oh my Lord she is suffocating!" I scramble to tear at this bag, to give her much needed air. She begins to move within her "cage"; her constant struggle to fight for life continues. I scream at those around me, the "children" to stop ignoring this love. "She is without food and water and even things as fundamental as AIR!" I scream. They drop their "devices" and rush to her aid. "Love her now. Comfort her now. FEED her now!", my command is heeded.

Her Trophies 3

September 30, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

This dream is fragmented:

1st part: I stand before a woman, she is received with "fear" and distrust. She reaches behind her and grabs something. As she turns back to me, she has in her hands and by the hair of their heads, three severed heads. The heads from three victims; a woman and two men. She appears happy at her conquest and presents me these three "trophies", placing them upon a table or bed (unsure) but, this presentation is upon "white linen". She set the three down and I think to myself, "these can not be real". But, as I watch the last head among the three is still bleeding from the wound....her last victim.

2nd part: I am running within an airport. I am frantic! I am shouting for police, I NEED help. "Please, please, where are the police?". I need the police there are "criminals" here! There IS DANGER here. One approaches me with a knife...but, thinks better of it and moves on. "Help us!"
(the dream ends here and outcome not seen)

Result Not of God's Hand

September 29, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I am shown "sexting" ducks. I am among many adolescent ducks and attempting to find the males within the group. There are many different breeds here, some are very beautiful in feather; almost as if they were "man made". Try as I may, I can find NO MALE ducks left within this group. Is this a result of too much inbreeding and hybrid breeds or IS THIS a result of the higher climate temperatures?