Syria's Cage..."she is suffocating!"

October 1, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I walk into a room with many "children" busy upon their "games", phones, "internet devices". I come upon a bird cage. It is small and dirty without much room for a living thing. At first I believe the "cage" is empty. How could anything "live" in this destruction? And, as I examine it closer, I see the "bird" among the destruction. She has been forgotten. The cage itself a prison, and if this was not enough "pain" for her...the "cage" was enclosed within a zip-lock bag. "Oh my Lord she is suffocating!" I scramble to tear at this bag, to give her much needed air. She begins to move within her "cage"; her constant struggle to fight for life continues. I scream at those around me, the "children" to stop ignoring this love. "She is without food and water and even things as fundamental as AIR!" I scream. They drop their "devices" and rush to her aid. "Love her now. Comfort her now. FEED her now!", my command is heeded.

EVENT: 04/04/2017 


End of Watch


October 25, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

There is one selling empty bonds...One who envisioned a uniform in blue...who has set his "scope" on all public servants... both the YELLOW and the blue....NOT even the "shepard" is safe...losing the safety of his home; brought to hell....a new.




November 14, 2015

Dream from the I Am:

Last night I dreamed that I was in a house and walking bare foot,. Around me I noticed many snakes upon the ground. Many of them were small, but all of them were noted to be poisonous . I knew I must kill them all before they harmed many that would be unaware they were there. I grabbed a shovel and took out after one very large desert rattle very "pale" in color. I struck at this snakes head, only to realize this snakes head had already been severed....BUT, to my amazement, was STILL MOVING. I then saw it attempt to scratch at its' own eyes by rubbing up against a wall...the "snake" was successful at removing one of its' eyes, but then set out to work on another. My friend was then suddenly there for I had called out for her in order to warn her of the dangers around. She saw the snake and then lifted up the corner of a loose board on the floor and the snake promptly rolled its' severed head beneath the floor. I then commanded her to lift the board again...I sensed danger from what else might be hidden beneath the "floor". She complied and I then saw a very "large" and most dangerous pygmy rattlesnake.....POSED TO STRIKE!!! This ONE I was afraid to hit with just the weapon currently in my hand....THIS ONE needed a more sophisticated weapon.....ONE that could be used from a further distance!

We "may" have taken out a "danger" by targeting "Jihadi John" ....BUT another even greater danger awaits...ONE that is in hiding and POSED TO STRIKE. (this dangerous one could be hiding "underground" or is truly hiding beneath the ground....maybe even targeting an underground system)

EVENT: Brussels, Belgium March 22, 2016; 

Deadly Chemist!

February 15, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

This night God brought me an image of a man appears to be of middle eastern decent. This man wore a that resembled a hunting vest or maybe even a Kevlar vest. From this vest came an "explosion" of many holes; all almost simultaneously. Out of each of the "breached" areas came forth a milky white substance.... I am unsure whether this substance was in a powdered form or IF there was a liquid substrate. I awoke thinking that a "chemical" was involved in this man's initiative and that a danger would result.

*Note: there have been several dreams the Lord has brought to my attention involving a "milky white liquid" and one in a powder form....the latter coming from a toy used as an explosive device. 

**I believe the Lord is warning us that there will be an attempt to expose many to spores of Anthrax, he has shown this "white powder/liquid" multiple times now. It is clear that an "air-borne" exposure is far more deadly and contagious than a direct contact or injectable mode of transmission.

Missile In the Sand

March 18, 2016

Dream from the I Am:

I dreamed of our forces firing missiles at our enemies. As I stood and "watched", I noticed that we were not paying attention to our skies, but only to the job at hand. From the "north" came a "missile"...a very large one...I screamed at the ones firing the missiles from our soil and began to run for cover. The large missile hit its' destination and embedded itself into the sand not far from us. I kept waiting for an explosion from the impact, but none came. Was this "missile" a dud and ineffectual? Or was this planned attack only meant to frighten us?